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K BA-NANA Pop Up Shop

Rachel Waldorf22 Comments
K BA-NANA Pop Up Shop

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THIS SHOP THOUGH *hearteyes*

Okay so let's talk about K Ba-Nana! First off there isn't a store like this in Seattle, which is one of the reasons I love it so much! It's fun, quirky and packed with amazing products!

Yes i'm a sucker for beautiful design, (aren't we all) but this is fun because American's don't design this way therefore we aren't accustomed to stores like this! IT'S AMAZING! With its wall of masks to its cute displays of makeup --- I'm putting this on my list of MUST CHECK OUT stores! 

I was so honored and grateful to be invited to the opening of the K Ba-Nana pop up shop in University Village! I didn't really know what to expect, but the minute I saw the wall of masks I was 100% about it!

So if you are in Seattle you have to check it out, here's why:

1.) Koreans do it best when it comes to skin care - this my friends is a store dedicate to Korean skin care and beauty and I'M OBSESSED! I've been back twice now just to try new products and explore my options!

2.) It's so damn cute! Not only does the store have super fun products but the store in general is a blast to explore! It's so colorful and fun and a great place to get a cute Insta photo ;)

3.) The staff is beyond helpful and knowledgable! Any questions you have, they will answer! This is a one of a kind store (especially in Seattle) so check it out before it goes!


If you end up going tag me and K Ba-Nana and let me know what you think!!!

Check out their instagram: K Ba-Nana