Change is Necessary

Mood: Renewed
Age: 25
Weather: Partly Sunny

When you feel as though you are losing yourself...
chop off all your

I've been going to the same salon for quite some time now
but I've never done anything too drastic or exciting. 
But last week I did.

New Hair.jpg


last Monday you guys know, I kinda lost
my shit.

NEW VIDEO on that coming Tuesday August 21st *palm to face

But I think I have a hold of myself now.

Thanks to Clarissa
I feel like a new woman. 
I feel like I have more confidence.
I feel like I cut off a lot of mistakes I've made as of recently.

It's funny how hair has the power to make or break who you feel like you are.

New Hair-3.jpg

Hair Salon: Industry Salon

Hair Designer & Extraordinaire: Clarissa

Hair Details: 
Warm chocolate brown bob with subtle layers

Let's save you some Money: If you are in need of a hair change, see Clarissa or another team member and use Rachel Waldorf to save 20% off your first hair experience at Industry Salon (let's face it, hair can be $$$ so if you want to save some mula just mention my name :)

Outfit Details: 
Top (not identical): Target Joy Lab Athletic Crop Top

Skirt: Top Shop Scallop Hem Mini Skirt

Earrings: Forever 21

i always wondered what type of hair Tyra would have given me if I was on America's Next Top Model
But now after chopping a good 6-7 inches off I feel like she would have

shaved my head
and I would have
been one of those
who left crying.

or maybe I would have felt liberated

right now.


If you are feeling stuck
If you are having an identiy crisis
If you just want a change,

change up your hair
it'll do you